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OEM 2F 3F Distributor for Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 FJ62 70 Series FJ80


OEM 2F 3F Distributor for Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 FJ62 70 Series FJ80


Toyota OEM vacuum advance points distributor. OEM part # 19100-61180.

Fits the following applications:

  1. '75 to '77 Land Cruiser FJ40 with 2F engine (see details in technical information section below)
  2. '81 to '89 non-U.S. Land cruiser FJ60 and FJ62 with carbureted 2F engine
  3. '90 to '92 non-U.S. Land Cruiser FJ80 with carbureted 3F engine
  4. Land Cruiser 70 Series with carbureted 3F engine

Original equipment on:

  1. '77 Land Cruiser FJ40 with 2F engine
  2. Non-USA FJ62, 70 and 80 Series with carbureted 3F engine

Technical information:

  1. For desmogged applications only. Not California smog compliant.
  2. Base of the distributor cap measures 89.5 mm in diameter.
  3. Due to vacuum advance, the distributor requires a vacuum source from the base of the carburetor. 
    1. The commonly available 21100-61012 desmog carburetor comes with the vacuum fitting
    2. '75 and later carbs all have vacuum advance fitting except for 1/75-8/75 California spec. The '77 carb has 2 ported vacuum fittings. One for vacuum advance, and the other for EGR
  4. This distributor has the advantage of converting '75-'76 from vacuum retard to advance
  5. On '75-'77 FJ40 models, points provide timing signal to the stock ignitor without carrying electrical load for the coil, thus will last practically forever
  6. Does not work with fuel injected 3FE engine on U.S. spec FJ62 and FJ80
  7. Use of the black ground plug is optional. The distributor is already grounded through the clamp
  8. If you want to use Pertronix with this distributor, you should use the 1662LS kit (must be "LS"). You also need to switch to a 19102-45060 rotor in order to clear the top of the Pertronix's ignitor.
  9. Reference information for U.S. spec FJ60.

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