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  1. Upcoming downtime: May 8th to 17th, 2024.
  2. Currency: To avoid confusion around which currency is being displayed on the website and during checkout, we've halted multi-currency as of April 9th, 2024. All pricing and charges are in USD regardless of your location.   
  3. Communications: If you haven't received any notification email from us after ordering, please check your spam folder.
  4. Canadian customers: 
    1. All parts for vehicles over 25 year old will be shipped with HS Code of 9966.00.00 on Customs declarations to Canada, which is supposed to be deem the item as duty free under Canadian law. City Racer provides no assurances, but the customer will have a basis to claim duty free status for such items. Please be aware the above rule applies to import duty only; other taxes may still be assessed. 
    2. It has come to our attention that the shipping charge for UPS Standard doesn't include UPS customs clearing fees, while UPS Worldwide Expedited includes such fee. Therefore, while the rate for UPS Standard may seem lower, UPS will bill you later for this fee, which can be $28 USD or more. Therefore, we've stopped offering UPS Standard. 
  5. Protecting your shipment: As noted in several places on this website, we strongly recommend and expect that you keep the shipping insurance that's selected by default. If you uncheck the button to opt out, you assume the risk of shipping exceptions. We're not a licensed insurance company and will not compensate for damages or loss incurred by shipping carriers. Insurance is provided by a third party so that the cost of protection is spread among the insured.
  6. Electric power steering: If you've installed electric power steering for Land Cruiser, please ensure the clamp bolt on the output shaft is tightened to 40 nm (29.5 ft-lbs) using a Torx 40 (T40) drive bit. If the clamp isn't torqued to spec, the shaft may potentially work loose, causing loss of steering and irreparable damage to the steering column spines.