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Shipping Insurance

Third party shipping insurance

We encourage you to take advantage of the third party insurance offered during checkout, which covers loss, damage, and theft at an excellent rate. A key benefit is that it allows you to directly file a claim with 1 click. The claim will be paid by the third party insurance company, backed by the world's leading insurance provider, Lloyd's of London. You will bypass the cumbersome claims processes of the shipping carriers. We came to this solution after finding that USPS has limited ability to service shipping exceptions, and UPS generally avoids paying for claims.

Opting out

If you want to opt-out of shipping insurance, simply turn off the blue radio button labeled "Route + Shipping Protection" in the shopping cart.

Filing a claim

If you purchased shipping insurance, you will receive an email from the the insurance provider named "Route". The email will contain the link to file a claim. If you're unable to locate this email, you can go directly to:

For orders that were marked as "Delivered" but were not received, a claim must be filed after 5 days from the "delivery" date, and no later than 15 days from that same date.

For orders that were stuck in transit, a claim must be filed 7 days from the last tracking status update (20 days for international orders), and no later than 30 days from the last status update.

Insurance policy details


By default, shipments are insured only up to the respective carrier's basic coverage:

    • USPS First Class (for packages under 1 lb) is not insured
    • USPS Priority has $50 coverage
    • UPS and FedEx shipments have $100 coverage

These coverage do not include theft or situations where the order status is shown as delivered but the package is not received.

If the customer elected not to purchase third party shipping insurance, the shipment will only receive default coverage, and the customer assumes the risks associated with the shipment.