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Reference Information for U.S. Spec FJ60

We're often asked about how to fit this distributor on an U.S. spec FJ60 (either desmogged or stock), which isn't listed as one of the supported applications in the product page. The short answer is that we're not in the best position to advise on such installation, as we're in a smog regulated state. With that in mind, we can offer some reference information on the non-US factory setup that you may want to emulate.

Typical Non-US setup:

Non-US setup from the Toyota parts diagram:

Compared to the stock US setup from the Toyota parts diagram:

The distributor unit itself is a drop-in fit. The key differences for the Non-US setup are:

  1. The igniter is bypassed
  2. A ballast resistor is added to the coil. Part # for the resistor is 90919-04027. It can be sourced from eBay or from Toyota.

 If you have practical experience with converting from an U.S. to non-U.S. setup, you're welcomed to contribute your knowledge by emailing us, and we'll add your contributions to this page.