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About Us

With growing interest in vintage Toyota Land Cruisers among car enthusiasts as well as the person on the street, these vehicles are gaining in collectability and value. The phenomenon is all too familiar to those who have visited the auction circuit recently, as well as to the typical owner who has been given the thumbs up at stop lights or approached with questions at gas stations.
While the hobby is expanding, the vehicles are getting older and more perishable parts are becoming “NLA” (No Longer Available) from Toyota. It’s getting harder to keep the vehicles stock. While there are many creative solutions out there, if you’re like us, you want the parts to be plug and play and designed to fit the vehicle. On this premise, we started City Racer LLC to serve the special needs of the Land Cruiser community.
There are a few things that make us a little different from the typical auto parts vendor:

  1. We carry niche products that are either no longer available, or not easily obtainable. Yet, these parts are needed in order to operate and enjoy the vehicle as it was originally designed. We know what those parts are, because we drive these trucks and we need these parts ourselves.
  2. We are willing to invest in product development, tooling, partnership with OEM and aftermarket suppliers in order to bring back these products of the past so that you can order them as though it’s 1969 or 1979.
  3. Have you ever experienced vendors on eBay and other places where they have no idea what they are selling? They can’t tell you what years of the vehicle it fits, what’s included in the box, or what the product does. You will find us to be quite the opposite. We tested everything we sell, and we know how to install them. We can answer questions related to our products. We are not just here to sell you something. We want to see that we've solved your problem.
  4. Have you ever experienced vendors that are unresponsive, and it takes them a week to ship something? That bothers us when we are customers, so we strive to provide quick shipping and great customer service.
  5. Being a niche business, we don’t carry everything. Therefore, we don’t run big warehouses with tons of idle inventory. We are focused on delivering the highest value with those products we choose to carry. You will find that the “NLA” products that we bring to market are offered at prices lower than when Toyota sold these in mass quantities.
  6. We carry a selection of OEM Toyota parts. These are pieces we picked out because we think it’s particularly useful, particularly cool, or because it may be on the verge of extinction. 
  7. We love connecting with the international Land Cruiser community, and we absolutely do international shipping.