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OEM 2F / 1.5F Carburetor for Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60


OEM 2F / 1.5F Carburetor for Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60


Brand new FJ40 FJ60 2F / 1.5F carburetor for desmogged applications. Genuine Toyota OEM masterpiece. Part # 21100-61012.
This is the most copied 2F carburetor by the aftermarket. Here's the real thing at an unbeatable price.

Note: If your vehicle is 1976 or newer and your vehicle is registered in California or other areas with smog check requirements, you cannot use this carburetor.

Additional Information:
Please consult additional sources on how to desmog a 2F Land Cruiser engine where permitted by law. There are great variations in the smog systems installed on the 2F engine over the years, as well as variations in the corresponding carburetors originally used. However, the desmogged set up for the 2F engine is standardized around using this model of carburetor. Pertaining to the installation:
  • '81 and above FJ40 or FJ60 models will plug right in, but need to re-use original idle solenoid power connector
  • '75 to '80 models with EGR and stock air cleaner will need a spacer to line up the top of the carb to the air cleaner. The spacer is available separately in our store
  • You will need to buy a 1/4" diameter choke cable stop from an auto supply store 
  • Cars prior to 9/'73 with throttle cable linkage (as opposed to mechanical linkage) will need adaptation
  • Fuel return lines need to be plugged if present
Note that the above guidance applies to any new 2F carburetor.

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