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Spacer for '75 to '80 FJ40 2F Carburetor

City Racer

Spacer for '75 to '80 FJ40 2F Carburetor


If you installed a new 21100-61012 desmogged carburetor to a '75 to '80 Land Cruiser FJ40, this spacer will enable you to close the gap between the top of the carb and the stock air cleaner assembly.

Background: The original carburetor for these years contained an extra spacer sandwiched in the middle for the EGR circuit. Thus, it was taller than the replacement carburetor without the EGR layer. Adding this spacer will line up the top of the new carburetor to the air cleaner.


  1. The fit is tight by design. Push down firmly and evenly with your palm
  2. Place the carb to air cleaner gasket beneath the spacer to reduce heat exposure
  3. '79 to '80 cars should switch to the earlier style gasket linked in #2 above

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