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Spacer for '75 to '80 FJ40 2F Carburetor

City Racer

Spacer for '75 to '80 FJ40 2F Carburetor


If you installed a new 21100-61012 desmogged carburetor to a '75 to '80 Land Cruiser FJ40, this aluminum spacer will enable you to close the gap between the top of the carb and the stock air cleaner assembly.

Background: The original carburetor for these years contained a spacer sandwiched in the mid section for the EGR circuit, thus it was taller than the desmogged carburetor without the EGR layer. Adding this spacer will line up the top of the new carburetor to the air cleaner.

Upgrade path for previous buyers:

If you purchased the previous plastic version after May 31st 2020 and would like to update to this more robust aluminum version, we'll give you full credit for your previous purchase by deducting $15 from your new order. Simply enter the following in the Note field on your cart page:

Please credit plastic spacer in order # <your previous order #>

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