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OEM Jerry Can Holder for Land Cruiser FJ40 (NOS)


OEM Jerry Can Holder for Land Cruiser FJ40 (NOS)


Rare, genuine Toyota jerry can holder for any Land Cruiser. Discovered in a basement in the Kuwaiti desert. Amazingly well preserved new old stock with only surface scratches, circa 1965-1970! Note period correct details such as the cotton webbing pads inside the holder, which differs from the rubber pads seen in later holders.

Exotic, expedition grade and discontinued, it's the ultimate collectible for the Land Cruiser enthusiast. 

The bottom surface measures 14" x 7".

As seen at the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum.


  1. Per our return policy, this is a non-returnable item.
  2. This holder doesn't have the 3 protruding mounting bolts for the rear license plate bracket like the later style one.

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