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OEM Instrument Gauge Cluster for Land Cruiser 40 Series FJ40


OEM Instrument Gauge Cluster for Land Cruiser 40 Series FJ40


OEM gauge cluster for Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series / FJ40. J01 model with 50 amp gauge. OEM Part # 83100-60180.

Please note:

Speedometer reads in km/h only.

You must disconnect the battery before installing this part.

Q: Does this cluster work for 24v trucks?
A: No, this is a 12v cluster

Q: Do you have a gauge cluster that reads in miles?
A: No, unfortunately speedometers in miles have long been discontinued. However, if you swap the face plate with the one from your old cluster that reads in miles, the speed will read correctly in miles. The odometer will still roll in kilometers.

Q: Does this cluster work for all model years?
A: It's a drop in for '79 and later. '76 to '78 can be made to work; however, these years originally came with a 30-0-30 ammeter, while this cluster has a 50-0-50 ammeter. See explanation here. The cluster is not compatible with '75 and earlier due to differences in connectors and sensors that send signals to the gauges.

Q: Why is it that the ammeter needle never moves after I installed it?
A: The 50-0-50 ammeter never really worked due to a factory design flaw with the circuit (rather than with the ammeter). You can correct the flaw with a modification to the circuit.


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