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Dual Diaphragm Disc Brake Booster for Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ55 FJ60

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Dual Diaphragm Disc Brake Booster for Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ55 FJ60


Brand new dual diaphragm brake booster for 10/'75 and later Land Cruiser FJ40, FJ45, FJ55, and BJ40 with disc brakes. Also works for:
  • Any year FJ40 that has undergone a disc brake conversion.
  • '81 to '87 FJ60
This plug and play replacement unit is designed to work with your existing Toyota, Advics / Aisin or other equivalent aftermarket master cylinder.

Additional information:
  • Our booster is designed to be installed with a spacer so that you have ample clearance to the clutch master cylinder. The spacer is included.
  • Price includes a brand new check valve.
  • No core charge.
  • As with all of our exclusive products, our warranty matches the Toyota OEM warranty, which is 12 months.
  • You will re-use your original U-bolt on the pedal rod.
  • If your Land Cruiser has all-around drum brakes, please select our drum brake booster.
  • Interchangeable part numbers: 44610-60050, 44610-60100, 44610-60180
Q: This booster appears to be thinner than the original booster in my FJ40. Does it fit?
A: Yes, the booster fits all of the models and years given above. Modern boosters do not require a humongous body to achieve the same power. Toyota itself downsized the booster from 1981 onward, as seen in the FJ40 as well as the FJ60. With the spacer in place, the position is little changed from before, and the brake lines will flex over. Once installed, you will find the extra space gained in that crowded area of the engine compartment to be a bonus.
Please be sure your master cylinder is not leaking fluid or exceedingly old. Brake fluid that leaks out from the back of the master cylinder will get sucked in by vacuum into the booster. Once inside the booster, brake fluid will erode the rubber diaphragm inside and kill the booster. If the MC is old but not yet leaking, we recommend replacing it at the same time as the booster, because the power from a new booster may just push it over the edge. It's false economy to wait until a leak develops.
Booster is installed in "upside down" orientation on a FJ60.

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