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LED Headlights for Land Cruiser FJ60 and 70 Series - Set of 2

City Racer

LED Headlights for Land Cruiser FJ60 and 70 Series - Set of 2


Plug and play LED headlights for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60. Includes:

  1. Set of two 7" round LED headlights
  2. Two reverse polarity modules

LED headlights are not directly compatible with FJ60 and 70 Series due to the headlight circuit being "switching ground" as opposed to the traditional "switching power" design. To overcome this issue, we supply a special reverse polarity module that simply plugs in as the bridge between the LED light and the stock harness. The module mimics a switching power circuit and enables the polarity sensitive diodes to function properly. FJ60 and 70 Series owners can finally enjoy the benefits of LED technology!


  1. 6000K white light
  2. Instant on
  3. 50,000+ hours life span - That's 5.7 years
  4. IP67 rating - Tested for 1 meter of water immersion
  5. Low energy consumption - If you forget to turn off your lights, it will be hours before the battery is drained
  6. Fully U.S. DOT and European E-Mark compliant
  7. Beam is not sided. Fits either LHD or RHD vehicles

High quality, jewel-like appearance. On low beam, top half of the light is illuminated. On high beam, both top and bottom portions are illuminated.

Our lights use genuine U.S. made Cree LED chips, which deliver superior sharpness, projection, efficiency, and durability. 

Easy installation: Plug the light into one end of the supplied module, and plug your vehicle's harness plug to the other end. Ground the single ground wire from the module and you're done!

Troubleshooting Guide


  1. LED headlights may not work properly if you have an aftermarket harness such as an ARB harness.
  2. Canadian spec 24V vehicles have 12V headlamps.
  3. Blue indicator light on the dash won't turn on after this conversion. Changing the bulb to LED will resolve this issue.
  4. We recommend you disconnect the battery prior to installation to minimize the possibility of accidental shorts.
  5. 24V systems aren't consistently implemented across different Land Cruiser models. You may not end up needing the reverse polarity modules. If you run into issues, please refer to the above linked Troubleshooting Guide for diagnostics.

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