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Electric Power Steering for Land Cruiser FJ40

EZ Electric Power Steering

Electric Power Steering for Land Cruiser FJ40


Your opportunity to enjoy a leapfrog in technology and enter the Tesla age!

Offered is a complete kit to convert your Land Cruiser FJ40 to electric power steering. Developed by EZ Electric Power Steering using components produced by Koyo and NSK, both made in Japan and affiliated with Toyota.

Two kits are available. Both are specifically designed for the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. One is for '73 to 8/'80 model years. Another is for '81 to '84. Available for either 12V or 24V vehicles. All kits are compatible with either LHD or RHD vehicles.


  1. Non-intrusive installation. Replace the steering column with the EZ unit. You retain everything from the manual steering box onward. Works with stock alternator and battery
  2. Complete, self-contained kit. No fabrication, no welding, no chasing down parts in junk yards
  3. Built in safety features
  4. ECU controlled, load sensitive feedback. Quick response, never any hesitation
  5. Silent operation
  6. Adjust the level of assist with a potentiometer
  7. Proven reliability. No pump, no belt, no hoses, no leaks
  8. Reduced impact on gas mileage and horsepower usage compared to conventional power steering
  9. In the unlikely event you lose power, you'll revert back to your original manual steering. Because your original steering box is retained, your car will drive as it does today with manual steering. 
  10. In contrast, when hydraulic power steering fails, the car can become difficult to steer

 As featured in May/June 2018 issue of 4WD Toyota Owner magazine!

View installation guide + addendum

Important ordering notes: 

  1. Check the number of inside mounting plate holes on your truck. If it has 4 holes, you should always select the '73 to '80 as model year. If it has 3 holes, you should always select '81 to '84. 
  2. When purchasing electric power steering, please do not include other items on the order, except for the optional voltage converter. 
  3. Each kit is prepared based on the spec configured by you. Overall delivery time is about 2 weeks, world wide.
  4. If you are purchasing a 24v kit, you may want to consider the optional 24v to 12v converter. See details here.
  5. Japanese buyers: Please contact our agent in Japan:

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