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Electric Power Steering for Tesla Roadster

EZ Electric Power Steering

Electric Power Steering for Tesla Roadster


A complete kit to convert your Tesla Roadster to electric power steering. No more arm wrestling to drive your car. 


  1. Non-intrusive installation. Replace the steering column with the EZ unit. You retain everything from the manual steering box onward.
  2. ECU controlled, load sensitive feedback.
  3. Silent operation.
  4. Adjust the level of assist with a potentiometer.
  5. In the unlikely event you lose power, you'll revert back to your original manual steering.

Suits either LHD or RHD vehicles.

Professional installation is recommended. Requires disassembly of the dash. Please refer to Tesla's Parts Catalog for detailed diagrams.

Kit is made by EZ Electric Power Steering in the Netherlands, the leader in EPS conversions for exotics. We are authorized factory distributor. There is no step by step installation guide at this time; however, we can provide factory guided support.

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