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Brake Booster for '90 to '92 Land Cruiser FJ80

City Racer

Brake Booster for '90 to '92 Land Cruiser FJ80


Brake booster for 1/'90 to 7/'92 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80.

Direct replacement for the discontinued OEM booster, part # 44610-60620.

This booster is brand new. It's not a rebuilt, not a reman, and there is no core charge.

Please be sure your master cylinder is not leaking fluid or exceedingly old. Brake fluid that leaks out from the back of the master cylinder will get sucked in by vacuum into the booster. Once inside the booster, brake fluid will erode the rubber diaphragm inside and kill the booster. If the MC is old but not yet leaking, we recommend replacing it at the same time as the booster, because the power from a new booster may just push it over the edge. It's false economy to wait until a leak develops.
Note: You don't need a gasket between the booster and master cylinder. In the event the master cylinder develops a leak, it's better to let the fluid seep out rather than being trapped and getting sucked into the booster.

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