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Terms of Service

While City Racer LLC will provide advice on parts, the accuracy of the order and the correctness of the parts being purchased is the responsibility of the customer.

Under no circumstance, including, but not limited to negligence, shall City Racer LLC be liable for any damages that result from the use of, or inability to use, the information, materials or products contained in or purchased from this site.

City Racer LLC may, at our discretion, refuse to sell to any customer that we deem as unreasonable, threatening, or dishonest.

City Racer LLC is not licensed as a insurance provider, and shall not service such function.

Shipping exception protocol:

The status of a shipment is determined by the tracking history. The following protocols are observed in the event a shipment is lost, broken, or stolen:

  1. If tracking shows the shipment has not reached the destination, upon request City Racer will assist with checking with the carrier. 
  2. If tracking shows "Delivered" status at the destination, but the customer states the shipment has not been received, then the resolution is between the customer and the carrier. City Racer's role is strictly advisory.
  3. If tracking shows "Delivered" status at a location other than the destination, upon request City Racer will assist with checking with the carrier.
  4. After follow-up, if a shipment is deemed to be lost, broken, or stolen, customers who purchased shipping insurance can file a claim with the third party insurance provider, Route.
  5. If the customer elected not to purchase shipping insurance, the customer assumes the risks associated with the shipment.