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OEM Drum Brake Booster for Land Cruiser FJ40 / FJ45 / FJ55 / BJ40


OEM Drum Brake Booster for Land Cruiser FJ40 / FJ45 / FJ55 / BJ40


Limited final stock. Part is discontinued!

New brake booster for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, FJ45, FJ55, and BJ40 with 4 wheel drum brakes: 7/'70 to 9/'75 U.S. spec models, and non-U.S. models through '84.

OEM part # 44610-60030. Not a reman. Brand new, made in Japan by OE manufacturer. Includes new check valve.

Note: This brake booster is for Land Cruisers that have retained the original drum brakes on all 4 wheels. If your Land Cruiser has disc brakes (either in front or both front and rear), we recommend you purchase our dual diaphragm booster.

Please be sure your master cylinder is not leaking fluid or exceedingly old. Brake fluid that leaks out from the back of the master cylinder will get sucked in by vacuum into the booster. Once inside the booster, brake fluid will erode the rubber diaphragm inside and kill the booster. If the MC is old but not yet leaking, we recommend replacing it at the same time as the booster, because the power from a new booster may just push it over the edge. It's false economy to wait until a leak develops.

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