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Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster for '89 to '95 Toyota 4Runner and Pickup

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Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster for '89 to '95 Toyota 4Runner and Pickup


New dual diaphragm brake booster for 1989 to 1995 Toyota 4Runner and Pickup.
This booster is brand new. It's not a rebuilt, not a reman, and there is no core charge.
OE quality seals, diaphragms and check valve. Painted finish and yellow zinc plated hardware. Direct replacement of OE part # 44610-3D160 and 44610-3D450.
Several types of brake boosters were used in this year range. To assist you with selecting the proper unit, please refer to the following chart:
OEM Part # Diaphragm Shell Diameter Uses Spacer?
44610-3D140 Single   Yes
44610-3D160, 44610-3D450 Dual 9" No <--This item
44610-3D170, 44610-3D460 Dual 9 1/2" Yes  
 44610-04030, 44610-3D330, 44610-3D470, 44610-3D560, 44610-3D580, 44610-3D610 Dual 9 1/2" No  

Single vs. dual diaphragm booster can be visually distinguished by the shape of the shell. The dual diaphragm version has a more protruded shell than single diaphragm. Please refer to the comparison photo.

Shell size is measured on the back of the shell, where the diameter is at its maximum.

Certain boosters have longer studs (5cm as opposed to 3.3cm)  in order to accommodate a spacer behind it. The spacer is not included.

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